300 Challenge

300 Challenge

The challenge we have set ourselves is to find 300 people who will give £10 per month so that we can clear the £250000 mortgage we have on our car park within five years rather than fifteen. That is the challenge stated in its baldest terms!

But it is much more than that. We believe that God is calling us to invest in our future and to prepare to redevelop our site in the future.

Glasgow Elim is blessed with an incredible facility. However, we are somewhat restricted when it comes to youth and children’s facilities and office space. We envisage those needs becoming greater in the next few years.

To prepare the way for redeveloping our site we need to reduce our borrowing. 300 people giving £10 per month would give us an extra £3000 per month towards our mortgage.

For some people, £10 per month is a sacrifice. Others are in a position to give much more. We don’t want you to feel pressurised to give money that you can’t afford, nor do we want to restrict you to £10 per month if you want to give more!

Our “ask” is that you would prayerfully consider what you should give and stand with us in the 300 Challenge.

You will eventually be able to give online. Or you can download a standing order form which you can fill out and send to your bank. If you are a UK tax payer, you can also take advantage of the Gift Aid scheme. To do so, just download the form, fill it out and send it to us at:

300 Challenge,Glasgow Elim Church, 42 Inglefield Street, GLASGOW G42 7AT