Connect Groups

Connect groups are a vital part of life and ministry at Glasgow Elim Church. 

Connect Groups help build community and connection with one another.  They also help to build strong relationships and bring a sense of belonging to those attending.  This also helps develop healthy community life within the church.

Connects Groups meet each week and run in four seasons throughout the year.

To find a group near you please email

Connect Season 2 2020: The Bible Course

Connect Season 2 2020 commences week beginning 27th April.

During this Connect Season, our study material will be Ephesians, authored and presented by Keith Warrington.

This course runs for 8 weeks. It is based on videos and a manual.

Watch a preview here 

Download the manual here

If you would like to register to join a course or if you would like to set up a group for your friends, contact us at