Connect Groups

Connect groups are a vital part of life and ministry at Glasgow Elim Church. 

June 2021

The aim of this connect season is simply  to encourage the reading of the book of Acts through the lens of our mission and therefore to see the moments that the scripture teaches about or shows the early church seeking God, sharing faith and serving others. 


Read along on your own, read with your family, read with a few friends, read with your connect group...


Special copies of the Book of Acts will be available from church and from your connect group leader.


We have a suggested reading plan within each book that guides us through  the book of Acts across a four week time frame ( a chapter a day Mon- Sat). You might want to think about or discuss what has been read that week and if anything stood out or has particularly spoken to hearts or been challenging.The reading plan begins at Chapter 4 as we have journeyed through the first few chapters together as a church on Sunday during teaching.

Another idea is to use the "Swedish Bible Study Method" - select a passage from within the reading plan that week, follow the simple questions and generate discussion based upon that passage. 


The Reading Plan and Bible Study Method are below.

If you'd like to catch up or recap on the mission teaching you can find them via the following links:


Mission Part 1:

Mission Part 2:

To find a connect group near you please email